Painted by hand in my home in Paris, each of my products attempts to tell a story or to describe a magical scenery. Inspired by nature, animals, nostalgia and fantasy, I try to infuse my illustrations with meaning and to allow the viewer to wander (and wonder!). 

“Tsoooki” comes from the word “cukor” in Hungarian, which means sugar. The mother tongue of my great grandmother was Hungarian and she used to greet all of her grandchildren with this adorable name. This was also the name that was given to my very first stuffed animal doll. As it holds such a sugary sweet connection to my Hungarian heritage, to my grandparents and my childhood, I thought that there couldn't be any other name that would suit my brand better. The extra “o” in Tsoooki was added to give it a more playful and special look.

Opening an online shop was always a dream of mine, and I am so happy that it is finally real!

Thank you so much for stopping by 🌷